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Golf store concept

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Golf store concept

◼ What to do in a cramped room where walls have large windows? This is the challenge presented by Boutique Horizon Golf Rimouski in its golfer's boutique. This client was asking for a concept where the brands were identified in distinct sections to maximize a certain volume of products. The diversity of products (equipment, clothing, accessories) also presented an additional constraint versus the available space. It therefore became essential to find a way to exploit both the walls and the floor to display merchandise.
◼ With the HD System and it’s wall components, we were able to create a larger continuous surface free from the constraints posed by the fenestration. In addition to maintaining an airy atmosphere despite the low ceilings, the obstruction to natural light remains minimal.
A shop with a friendly atmosphere and an accomplice to the golfer, whether he is a rookie or a professional.<img src="" alt="